Huge Popularity of Low-cost Airline EasyJet

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Executive summary
EasyJet is an airline company operating in a low-cost airline market, which has gained in popularity over the past few years. It has come to EasyJet’s attention that a number of investors are reconsidering an investment in the company. This report should be used as a tool that might help potential investors decide as to why invest in Easy Jet instead of in a competing firm. EasyJet believes in a very high market potential as the industry for low-cost carriers has been rapidly growing with EasyJet being a part of it. The report examines the current situation in the market, looks at a number of UK/European carriers that operate the market, as well as thoroughly explains factors that affect the industry.

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1. Introduction 4
2. Findings 4
2.1 Market structure 4
2.2 Level of demand and the influence of elasticity 4
2.3 Market segmentation 4
2.4 Market regulations 5
2.5 Easy Jet’s condition 5
2.5.1 Overview 5
2.5.2 Financial ratio analysis 6
2.5.3 Competition 6
2.5.4 Macroeconomic factors 6
3. Conclusions 7
4. Reference list 7
5. Appendix 7

1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to grasp the overview of the airline industry and the UK based on the current condition of Easy Jet, as well as its competitors including Ryanair. Although Ryanair is not an UK based company, a significant number of its flights come from the UK and it is also a major competitor of Easy Jet in

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