Huge Selection Of Entertaining Activities Makes It Hard

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Huge selection of entertaining activities makes it hard to realize what is really significant and interesting. In addition to different arcades, quests, various types of themed cafes and clubs people aim to make entertainment useful or combine it with education. Thus, zoo meet more new inhabitants, circuses are proud with smart animals and tricks they are taught to do, places where people used to have a dinner turn into shelters for domestic animals, bird exhibits etc., and shopping malls become wild animals displays. In each case, owners and management assure that animals are kept in appropriate conditions. However, using them as entertainment is completely unethical and often unlawful. People like to interact with nature, and for those,…show more content…
The single thought that the biggest terrain animals are controlled with the help of arboriculture tools is a vicious paradox, as well as the simple fact that these huge animals are supposed to spend all the time either in tiny as for their size cages or under bright floodlight projector. There is no way to talk about any ethics concerning such realities of entertainment business. It is not even compatible to any sense. Thus, about 30 protestant participants decided to start demonstration on the steps of City Hall. A circus is not a new issue of concern, it has always been on radar of animal defenders. While PETA tries to remind one more time that the majority of practices are outdated, there are circus owners and managers, trying to prove that “whips are only used for theatrical purposes, not to hurt the animal”, they know how to take care of their animals, and “PETA is entitled to its own opinion” (Fernandez, 2016). Unfortunately, the majority does not consider this issue to be as important as pollution or health related problems until it affects people directly. “A bullfighter died in July after being gored, the first matador to die in the ring in the country for more than 30 years” (BBC, 2016). During these 30 years activists tried to convince the public that bullfighting should be banned, as it is unethical way of entertainment. They received more attention only after this accident. It is

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