Hugh Savagae: A Psychotherapy Failure

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Hugh Savagè has liver cancer. Chemotherapy failed, surgery failed. In a last ditch attempt to save his own life, Hugh signs up for a miracle trial using nanotechnology. In this trial, the widely-used chemotherapy drug Epirubicin was attached to nanodiamonds (carbon structures with a diameter of about five nanometres) to cultivate a nanodiamond-Epirubicin drug delivery complex (EPND). Researchers have found that while both the usual Epirubicin and EPND are capable of killing normal cancer cells, only EPND is capable of killing chemo resistant cancer stem cells and preventing secondary tumour formation in xenograft models of liver cancer.
Two weeks into the program, all is going well. Hugh feels much better; he feels he is cured. But what he doesn’t know, is that with his latest injection, the EPND, were fusing into all the cells, right through to his DNA. He was cured of cancer, yes, but there is something more. At his check-up, his vitals were better than ever. His blood tests showed he was cancer free. He was a miracle case, the other patients were on extension cases, for the treatment had not worked. Living with his friend, one day Hugh feels funny. As he is crossing a road he doesn’t notice the truck driving up the road. Bang! The truck smashed into Hugh, yet the truck was worse off. To prevent the truck from hitting him,
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Almost pure (90% in the Bell Rocket Belt) hydrogen peroxide is utilized. Pure hydrogen peroxide is moderately steady, yet in contact with a catalyst (for instance, silver) it decays into a blend of super-heated steam and oxygen in under 1/10 millisecond, expanding in volume 5,000 times: 2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2. The response is exothermic, i.e., exporting a lot of heat (around 2,500 kJ/kg [5,800 BTU/lb]), shaping in this case a steam-gas blend at 740 °C. This hot gas is utilized solely as the reaction mass and is fed straight to one or more jet
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