Hughes's Expansion In Las Vegas Essay

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Although Hughes wasn’t a mafia or mob boss but mobs did play some part of Hughes’s business explansion in Las Vegas. Balboni’s book also briefly explained about Hughes’s involvement and connection between mafia and Hughes in Las Vegas. In Balboni’s book, “First, The Boys—Hank Greenspun (who, by 1966, had become respectable despite his early association with Bugsy Siegel and his felony conviction for supplying arms to Zionist Jews in Palestine), Moe Dalitz, and Johnny Rosselli, the Mob's chief representative in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles—were very much involved in Hughes's entry into Las Vegas and his subsequent purchase of Strip gaming properties.” This part showed that Hughes’s encounter with mafia was inevitable in Las Vegas. Also, Hughes’s business operation gave…show more content…
Also, it got attentions from mafia and the city of Las Vegas as well. Balboni mentions, “The Nevada power structure had accommodated Bugsy and The Boys, and it now accommodated Howard Hughes.” This part of Balboni’s data showed that mafia and Hughes were in conflict of power of Las Vegas. Also, it means mafia had some power structure in Las Vegas and it was widely recognized. This means mafia played a lot big roles in Las Vegas to the point, some people find Hughes as a competitor to mafia of Las Vegas. Mafia was also slowly lost power in Las Vegas after Hughes’s movement in Las Vegas.
In conclusion, as Sheeran and Balboni explained about mafia’s contribution of Las Vegas, mafia’s contribution was a turning point to Las Vegas. Mafia’s investment made Las Vegas into gambling city and also known as Sin City. Mafia’s effort to build a city of brand new entertainment was success because they were able to try new way of business in Las Vegas. Mafia’s contribution to Las Vegas was huge and it was undeniable about the fact that mafia was one of the strong forces that built Las Vegas the way it is
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