Hugo Cabret Research Paper

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Dreams are satisfying; they make you feel like as if you're flying on a cloud, or you had just sold a best-selling book or you'd just fixed a broken machine that hasn't worked for years. I, Hugo Cabret, had a really good dream until the sound of the bothersome clock rouse me up into a ray of blinding light and the air of dust and loneliness. Up until then, the unrealistic dream had deluded my eyes to see the fixed Automaton sketch its message, brainwashed my mind to have its full attention on Papa Georges' horrendous and unspeakable past, and obtained my soul captured by Isobel's beauty and interest in books. It's been so long since I've read a book, that the words I'd learned to peruse as a youngster has vanished from my brain. Therefore, I greatly relished the time I had with Isobel when regaining the ability to read again and I hate to admit it, but also spending a little more time with her. Unfortunately, my solace suddenly terminated, just when Isobel was going to…show more content…
Blur engulfed my eyes and tears trickled upon my cheeks. My deep and heavy breathing were mixed with the sound of the ticks of clocks in the prolong tower and the hustle of the people walking non-stop, as if time controlled their feet, on the ground floor. Gripping my feet to get out of bed after a sleep over a 36-hour period, I discerned that the clocks were decelerated and I had to start winding the clocks before Inspector Gustav got suspicious about the incorrect speed of the clocks and why my uncle wasn't meandering them. Winding the clocks is no ordinary occupation for a 13-year-old boy like me, but after my father died, I had no choice but to take in the job from my uncle. Apparently, after he told me everything to know about the mechanism, he used me as an unknown substitute to take his place while he went out of town. My life was meant to be dull and unstimulating as I have no purpose to
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