Hugo Chavez's President Of Venezuela

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Corruption in Venezuela has prevalent since the nation gained independence in 1821. But, corruption rose to unforeseen levels during Hugo Chavez’s presidential era. Hugo Chavez was president of Venezuela for 11 years. “There is no exaggerating the extent of Venezuela 's decline and fall. The wealthiest country per capita in Latin America is sinking deeper and deeper into what must inevitably be bankruptcy, as everything fiscal goes wrong.” (Thomson, 2010) He came into power with the intentions of making Venezuela a socialist nation. His impact on the nation of Venezuela has touched every aspect of the society from economics to the quality of living. His extreme, radical ideology mirrored those of the Cuban socialist revolution. Nationalization of assets and equal distribution of wealth among the nation sounds like an ideal plan, but what went wrong? Was it the decrease in oil production, investors or private businesses? Or, did the inflation and decreasing value of the currency finally catch up to the nation? It is important to note that Chavez pulled his support from the lower and middle class. His neglect of the rich made it easier for his socialist ideals to merge into Venezuelan society. During Hugo Chavez’s 11-year reign, how did his radical changes affect Venezuela’s economy nationally and globally?
Who is Hugo Chavez?
Hugo Chavez was a unique person to put into power. He was born in a mud hut and was raised in the living room of his grandmother’s hut.
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