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Application Lesson – Lessons 1 through 5 (70 points total) Please answer the questions following each of the cases or problems. The assigned questions should be answered thoroughly in your own words in essay format and submitted using the on-line testing system at The level of writing should reflect the graduate level and the content should reflect a solid understanding of the subject matter. NOTE: This lesson is weighted as 5% of the total course grade. Hugo Corporation – Maximize Price Competition (10 points) (Please see your Study Reference Guide on pages 619-6-1 and 619-6-2 to answer the following questions.) Answer the following questions: 1. You are concerned about the clarity of the purchase description in…show more content…
Simultaneously I would contact the other vendors (if any, depending on the Single source reason) and find out if they are interested in participate on the solicitation. Also, find out what was the reason/s of them not biding or not participate. Once I have a clear Statement of work and the previous vendors are interested in bidding; I will compete this procurement to the best practices of government procurement are achieves. 2. You are also concerned that the Government did not obtain the greatest possible discount on sales over 1,000 total units. As a buyer, what can you do? Considering the fact that this is the second time that these parts are being request and that a Volume of Sales have being negotiated but not achieved the first time but change to a reduce price across the board by 5% with no quantity stipulations; I will start by: Finding out the quantity’s order in the past by mine and other agencies, knowing that the 10% discount was meet; I will try to find out how much in excess was requested (Base 1000 units). Second find out if there are any rebates or discount are offered to commercial customers by talking to the Sales representative. Request redacted invoices for the same items and letting the Vendor know that the name of the customer is not needed. By requesting a redacting invoices I will verified that the price being offering to other client is the same or lower/higher than the one
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