Hugo Serrano Barbosa Filho's Speech on "A Survey on Human Mobility Modeling"

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"A Survey on Human Mobility Modeling" The speaker of this presentation is Hugo Serrano Barbosa Filho from Florida Tech. The topic of this presentation is the importance of human mobility modeling and several human mobility modeling methods Human mobility model represents the movement of human and how they change their positions over time[1]. At the beginning of presentation Mr. Filho answered two questions. First, human mobility research is about analyze and predict human daily activities and places they visiting. Second, human mobility modeling is reproduce patterns about human mobility activities, and the reason why modeling human mobility is it can help to solve a lot of problems. These problems are very important in nowadays. For example, traffic forecasting can forecast traffic situation in different streets and give drivers the best path to destination. Urban planning can help improving the urban areas. Epidemics modeling can predicate how epidemics such like flu moved and how to control it. Then Mr. Filho introduced the two different levels of human mobility. The first one we call it individual level, which is a micro-level. It is about an individual's activities, such like what places he/she visits in a week. But in the other hand is the population level, which is a macro-level. This level is about the entire data of a group people's activities, such like how many cars travel through a particular road each week, or how many people migrate from one area to
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