Hugo Train Crash Essay

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The scene of ‘Hugo - train crash’, directed by Martin Scorsese, describes a dream

that made by Hugo. This scene has done a great success on drawing the audiences’

attention and set a foreshadowing or a hint for the remaining movie. Below, there will

be a brief analysis with the above scene.

The sound effects used on this scene is quite attractive. In this scene, there was not

much dialogue. So the other thing that make the audiences pay attention is the sound

effects. In the scene, it is obviously focusing on the train crash, but the amazing point

is that it neatly used the sound effect to tell us what was going to

happen. For instance, the sound came from the vibrating track suggest us that there

was a train coming
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For the lighting, we can easily notice that there was a light beam focusing on the key in the scene which helps us know the important prop in this scene. Furthermore, the actor behavior also helped motivating the audience’s emotion too. When the emotionless driver started noticing that there was a boy on the rail, he began to feel nervous and told his ‘daydreaming’ partner to wake up. And when the drivers noticed that, they performed professionally to stop the train. This help the viewers engage to the scene more and realize that Hugo was in danger. Last but not least, this scene has given a big surprise to us because it has set a foreshadowing/forecast to make the narrative smoother. The key that Hugo found in dream stated” Cabret Et fils Horlogers” which is translated as “Cabret and son, Watchmakers” which made Hugo thought that if he keeps on digging over the secret behind the automaton, he can know the message from his dad. But this will risk his life, even being caught by the inspector. To conclude, in less than 2 minutes, the ‘train crash scene’ draws audiences in and gives them a forecast of the film. Therefore, it is a short but complete and wonderful
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