Hugs vs. Kisses

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Hugs Vs. Kisses trumps that of kissing. I don't mean to undermine the the beauty of a kiss. Let's face it, kissing is very calming and relaxing and it accompanies with it a sense of enjoyment and happiness. However, kisses don't always come frolicking hand-in-hand with safety. Last night I had a very special discussion about the difference between hugs and kisses and which of the two hold the most power. Not like a "I have a power over you power" but a power that says which of the two ways of showing emotion is the most effective. I think I have come to the conclussion that the strength that a hug provides Put yourself in this situation: Let's say that you have had a horrible day; almost to the point of come home and you…show more content…
Give them a hug! Help them feel safe, knowing that when it is your turn to need to feel sheltered, you are going to want that same safety that you get with a simple
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