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This paper will be about who created the Hula and its origin . It describes the makeup and costumes varying men and women. The reader will be able to understand how important this beautiful movement is so important to their culture. It will explain how they got their ideas and creativity for the Hula. It describes the history and background of the Hula and why they dance they way they do.In addition, this paper will show why these people love what they do and are able to do it everyday.Most of all they love their heritage and everything that it stan The Hula originates from a ritual dance for the volcano goddess, Pele. Her sister Hi'iaka performed the dance for Pele and was awarded with prayers, offerings and leis. The performance “mele”…show more content…
Without it the dancers wouldn’t have a beat to move to. Traditionally the Hula was done by chanting and percussions. The islanders used what they had around them to make instruments like rocks and bamboo sticks. Instruments that were used were sharkskin drums, rattles, gourds, and castanets. In the early 1900’s the Hawaiians invented the steel guitar. They would often use it to get a unique sound out of it and later many Hawaiian bands used it in their recordings. During the 20th century is when hollywood started to take the Hula. They add more western instruments like the guitar and ukulele. Elvis Presley’s movies showing little resembles to the depth and culture in the Hula downgraded this ancient art. During the 70’s people realized what they thought was the Hula really wasn’t. So they made up two different types of Hula, the hula kahiko (ancient) and the hula auana (modern). With these instruments the dancers were able to make their movement unique and relate their movements to their culture…show more content…
Men and women went to a training school. These training schools had particular protocol and strict rules. They had to avoid sugarcane or other sweet foods, no sexual contact and maintain personal cleanliness. These schools force to keep traditional Hula known. Teaching the students about the importance about the historical dances and teaching them how to speak their native language. There are different position and different ranks at the school . When students graduate they had a ceremonial nighttime bath in the ocean, prayers, blessings, feasting, and lifting the school’s restrictions. Graduating from training is a big accompishment in a Hula dancers life and being able to peform at special ceremonys. The Hula is more than a beautiful dance , its a historic piece of art. The ethnic and the pure artistic go into every movement . Every movement in this dance tells a story and a part of their historical culture. The music is a big attribute to every performance. They way they praise the goddess and stay devoted to admiring them . Learning about the history of the hula, instruments they use to make their music, costumes and the training they go through. It is a must to see a hula performance and experience the love and devotion these performers have for their
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