Hull House : A Settlement House

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Hull House Exhibit Analysis Hull House was a settlement house, founded in 1889, by Jane Addams. The purpose of Hull House was to aid a community of impoverished immigrants. Today, Hull House is a museum on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, which was the settlement house’s original home before the university transplanted itself to the area. Hull House is a permanent fixture on campus, although some exhibits within Hull House are temporary. Hull House successfully displays it’s tenacious past through its multiple exhibits in the home, which allow the audience to travel back in time. Hull House introduces itself with a model of the former thirteen building structure that stood where the university is today. Accompanied by text, which describes what Hull House was. I thought this was great for first time visitors and for audiences unfamiliar with Hull House history. Also, a video of Halsted Street was playing, on a window sill, which shows what one would have seen looking out the window in the early days of Hull House. The aim of the museum is to be interactive with the audience, whether it’s through a docent led tour or through material objects one can hold. After the introduction display, there are displays, which showcase multiple items from different immigrant groups like plates, cups, and a sewing machine. Also in the same area there is a table, which was child size that contained blocks, which describe how Hull House helped children through child…
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