Hum/111 Week 3

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The conflict that I encounter this week was to put to sleep my cat. It was a very difficult decission and very hard to say goodbye to my pet. I know this is not a big conflict or for some people something serious, but in the end is a life and you have to make a hard decision.
My cat was 7 months old and he was diagnose with FELINE INFECTIOUS PERITONITIS or known as FIP. Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. Most strains of feline coronavirus are avirulent, which means that they do not cause disease, and are referred to as feline enteric coronavirus. Cats infected with a feline coronavirus generally do not show any symptoms during the initial viral
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Therefore, I talked to them and the veterinarian did it to, But I kind of use this tool to explained to them that we couldn't do anything for him and that he was suffering.
I asked them first,
• Why you don't want to put the cat to sleep?
They sayed: Because he is too young and is cruel.
Second question I asked;
• Why do you think is cruel to put him to sleep?
They answered, Because we won't be with him anymore and he might suffer when he dies.
The third question I asked,
• Why do you think he is not suffering now? (Of course, the cat at that moment had high fever, he couldn't breath, basically he was drowning in his own fluids, he wasn't eating anymore and he couldn't sleep either)
They answered me: That they knew he was suffering but they couldn't bare with his death. Because in the end, they thought that they were killing him.
I asked them,
• Why do you feel guilty for his death?
They answer because they couldn't do anything to save
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