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Gregory Jenkins Hum/114 11/29/11 JAVONNA DANIELS Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving The reader has chosen Media Violence as his topic: Media violence promotes violent behavior is a problem. (1).The problem is that in the last four decades, the government and the public health amassed an impressive body of evidence identifying the impact of media violence on children. Since 1969, when President [Lyndon] Johnson formed the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence, the body of data has effectively grown and grown and it leads to an unambiguous and virtually unanimous conclusion: media violence contributes to…show more content…
Than you have article two in which its strong point of view on how media violence is being exaggerated, now we have argument that no one can agree on, we have two different points of view if the party can not agree on finding the solution to this problem than it will always be an issue. (3).The reader believes the credibility of the sources is very much strong, because both articles gave many resources and data in which you may go find for yourself to see if indeed the facts are the facts, they also have cited were they got their information. They got books to further your reader too. (4). The first step is to work out the details, the second step is to finding imperfections and complication. Working out the details means to determine exactly how your solution will be applied. The reader next step will be to check for common kinds of imperfections. How can the reader get people to see his point of view, that’s one solution? Be very clear when making his argument. The reader resolution to the topic is to first get all parties to agree on the subject at hand which is media violence and what we can do to fix this problem, we know this was an issue at first than it became a problem, because the parties could not come to an agreement. (5).The reader will focus on his own ideas in which he knows because of the research that was done by him. The second safeguard is to use his ego to advantage.

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