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1. How did Reginald Lewis become the wealthiest black man in America? a. He was a music producer, for people like Michael Jackson. b. He founded the computer company Microsoft. c. He was a successful businessman. d. He was a well-known actor in several films, under the name Denzel Washington.

2. How did the economic situation for blacks change in the late twentieth century compared to the mid twentieth century?
a. More black women were forced into domestic and food service jobs.
b. Black family income increased dramatically.
c. Black wealth completely closed the income gap with whites.
d. Overall,
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Why have some blacks criticized gangsta rap? a. It is generally too loud, and damages the eardrums of children. b. Its lyrics are often anti-women, violent, and offensive. c. It advocates having blacks in subordinate positions to whites in society. d. It is generally only copying other musicians’ creative efforts.

12. Supporters of Afrocentricism argue that
a. Europeans are actually the highest culture, and Africans should follow their lead.
b. America is a melting pot, bringing together many cultures, including Africans.
c. Africa should be only one of the main focal points of their study of history.
d. European civilization came from African origins, especially from Egypt.
(Answer: d; page 656) [Factual]

13. As the field of African American studies has matured, what has happened?
a. Black women have begun to emphasize that women should be supreme over men, as feminism has taken over.
b. Some scholars have criticized Afrocentricism as falsely constructing a “glorious past” for African Americans.
c. Black scholars have generally begun to deny that race is a changing category of identity.
c. Generally, schools have refused to adopt the curriculum, except at Temple University.

14. What institution continued to be at the center of black life during the late twentieth century?
a. newspapers
b. music, particularly rap
c. churches
d. the NAACP

15. Which church has been at the forefront of

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