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University of Phoenix Material Daoism Worksheet Complete the following questions in detail. Answer each question with a 1- or 2-paragraph response that includes a reference citation. Make use of Experiencing the World’s Religions and other sources in your research as you complete the questions. 1. Describe the principles of yang and yin. a. The principle of yang and yin is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example femal-male, dark-light and old-young. The two opposites attract and complement each other and, as their symbol illustrates, each side has at ites core an element of the other (represented by the small dots). Neither pole is uperior to the other and, as an increase in one brings a…show more content…
He is said to have written down his teaching (the Daodejing) when a guard at a gate asked him to do so. 4. What challenges does Daoism face in the modern world? a. According to an article I read, there Is a decline of Daosim among Chinese people in Singapore. Researchers say the main reasons for the Daosim’s troubles are its poor social networking and the lack of available information about ties teachings. Increased competition for young people by proselytizing Christion groups may also be a factor. Another problem for Daoism is that, like all small religions, it is often made fun of or outright ridiculed by people of other faiths. Earlier this month, a Christian pastor in Singapore made a personal apology to Daoist Federation Chairman Tan Thiam Lye for comparing Daoist beliefs to the “Protection racket,” according to an article in the Strait Times. I think that this is a huge challenge that Daoism faces and if they are not able to, for lack of a better term, promote their faith, they might lose out entirely. 5. Explain a situation to which following the Daoist principle of wu wei might be beneficial to you or others. In what situation might following the principle of wu wei be harmful in some way? There are so many situation where you can follow the principle of wu wei. To me, wu wei is a bout knowing when effort is appropriate and when it is wasted. Obviously, it doesn’t apply to tasks that you must exert effort to finish: reports don’t write

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