Human Actions Are The Real Problem

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Right now, the Earth is at a point where with each day that passes by, it is slowly falling apart. It is deteriorating due to the uncaring actions being done to it and because of the lack of human interaction we have with one another to actually care for the Earth. Even though it may not seem as if it is crumbling right in the present moment, nothing will remain if no progress is achieved. The ones who are causing the most harm to the planet are human beings when in comparison to other animals. Human actions are the real problem as their main concern is only on how they can fix their own personal issues or challenges, instead of focusing on how we can improve and save our planet. There are many articles, books and other resources written on how we can refine the well-being of the Earth, including the document of the Earth Charter with its analyzation and potential solutions towards helping the Earth. The books that we have read throughout the semester are able to address particular issues that are also confronted in the Earth Charter through the similar themes and messages that they all provide. They are all able to be connected through the biggest similar message they all share, which would be how important it is for us all to come together to help improve our planet Earth in any way we can. The document of the Earth Charter is able to address the issue of how our Earth is falling apart by providing descriptions and several actions that can be taken by everyone in order to
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