Human Activities And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Abstract Singapore and Malaysia are deeply affected with situations such as haze in the atmosphere due to several causes that are mainly due to human activities. The interesting part about the issue is that human activities are done in recklessness and in turn affect other human activities in the process. Human activities such as education proves that human beings are not like any other living organisms on the planet. Hence, we notice that education has to go on just like other activities which include economic development and the health industry. Moreover, there are other causes of the haze which entails the natural calamities such as heavy rainfall and tsunami. The industrial activities have been affecting the geographical environment of the two countries negatively. Hence, judging by this, life becomes very difficult for both human and animals as their health is at risk. If the issue is addressed effectively then there will be a great improvement on health, education and economy in the two countries.
Keywords: haze, health, tsunami, industrial activities.
Being neighbors to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are not excluded from the choking as a result of the haze from Indonesia’s forest fires. As of 2015 the choking became more intense due to air pollution at the same time cutting off flights and important activities. Schools in Singapore and Malaysia have been affected as a result of this choking. In Malaysia wildlife have been negatively affected. The…
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