Human Activity And Climate Change

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In this paper I will discuss Human Activity and Climate Change. I will discuss different human activities that might affect climate change, things such as the burning of fossil fuels and how they might contribute to climate change. To begin I will discuss what the definition of climate change. Climate change is the change in the atmosphere by the amounts of carbon dioxide levels that come from using fossil fuels. Climate change can occur when the Earth’s atmosphere become warmer than what it naturally should be. Affects that can happen from climate change is extreme weather change which can cause flooding in areas that it has not flooded before as well as drought and glaciers to melt as well as cause the environment to change. A lot of climate change is directly due to human activity; one of the activities that humans have done is released large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is a greenhouse gas that comes from burning fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases have wrapped around the earth’s surface like an extra blanket causing the Earth to heat up much more and affecting the balance of nature. Greenhouse gases are not only limited to large factories but also the amount of vehicles on the road; cars produce carbon dioxide as well. History has shown that the choices that we make can affect us on a large scale to include changing our environment as well as our climate.
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