Human Activity And Its Impact On Business Operations

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“Accounting is said to be as old as any organized human activity. Dating back to Babylon and Humaraby’s book of law, over Greece and Rome and further on through history, there has always been a need to record events referring to purchase and sale, payment and collection. Such recording originally generated bookkeeping, which at the level of development of production forces was primarily in function of trade and banking. Its further development was according to changes in organization of business activity (Andrijasevic, n.d.).” According to Novicevic and Antic (1999), “until the 70s enterprises in West countries carried out their business in protected competitive conditions.” However, in today’s global economy, markets have become universal, with organizations viewing the world as a platform for carrying out their diverse trades’. To compete successfully in the global market, organizations/ businesses need to prioritize customer satisfaction parameters during business operations. To achieve this, they must concentrate on key success factors such as; costs efficiency, quality, cycle time, and innovativeness. “Quality has become one of the key competitive variables generating the need for evaluation of spending resources needed for the given level of quality by which the company can expect and achieve competitive advantage on the market (Gajic, 2005).”
The improvement of quality requires the engagement of each player in the business arena, from the senior management to the
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