Human Activity Is Responsible For Global Climate Change

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Human Activity is Primarily Responsible for Global Climate change
Global Warming is a long term increase in earth’s average surface temperature. Because global warming does not cause uniform warming in all locations and because many other changes in climate are occurring, scientists often prefer to speak of ‘’Global Climate Change’’ rather than of global warming when referring to the whole complex of climate changes caused by Human activities. Global climate changes, including episodes of global cooling and warming, have occurred many times throughout earth’s history as a result of natural variations in solar radiation, volcanic eruptions and other factors. The atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases have increased because of human activities, primarily due to the combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation and agricultural practices.
‘’The weight of scientific evidence suggests that the observed changes in the earth’s climate are, at least in, due to human activities’’ (Kerr). Is primarily caused by human activities that started during the Industrial Revolution, when human burning of fossil fuels began to increase drastically, releasing large amount of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and artificial chemicals called halocarbons have long been increasing as a result of emission from fossil fuel burning and other activities. Increased atmospheric concentrations of these gases are causing earth to warm.
A more troublesome way that human increase carbon dioxide level
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