Human Activity Over The Last Century

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Human activity over the last century have caused major detrimental changes to the climate with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. These changes to the worlds ecosystems and could involve key human health problems. There is worldwide scientific consensus and proof that climate change is real, evidence proves there has been 7 cycles of glacial advance and retreat, since the beginning of the modern climate 650,000 years ago. The evidence of our changing climate is from many forms of data collected over years ago [EV]. According to this evidence, we are exponentially increasing the rate of temperature at which Earth is heading for.
Greenhouse gases are poisonous gas compounds that have been trapped in
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Carbon dioxide, is released through both natural and physical processes and has increased by more than a third since the industrial revolution [C]. The burning of fossil fuels releases a significant amount of carbon which bonds with oxygen within the atmosphere, forming carbon dioxide [C]. In addition, the atmosphere has just surpassed a concentration of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide, a concentration that Earth hasn’t seen in missions of years [SA].
Although carbon is one of the primary greenhouse gases that the atmosphere but however, there are many other gases that contain a threat to our environment, those include methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), nitrous oxide and water vapor [E].
Methane is a more active greenhouse gas but it is less abundant. It can be produced naturally and by human activity emitted from waste sites, agriculture farms, and rice cultivation industry[C]. One major reason behind the release of methane is the production of oil and gas from fracking, which releases methane into the ground surface and leaches into surrounding water ways. Nitrous oxide is another powerful greenhouse gas produced by human activity by agriculture, fossil fuel combustion, organic fertilizers. Since the massive rise of population, the global demand has increased these levels for the production of agriculture needs and fertilizers. These greenhouse gases are

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