Human Activity and Energy Sources

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Earth’s resources, for instance water, productive farming land and energy, outlines the basic foundations of our continued existence on earth. However, with the continued human activities, for example logging and charcoal burning, these resources are quickly being depleted. Human inhabitation and increased consumption of the natural resources is resulting in untold destruction. The climate change being experienced globally, the rapidly depleting freshwater catchments, the dwindling forest cover, the ever reducing fish ‘stash’ in our seas and oceans and farmland dereliction are some of the effects resulting from human occupation and activities. Poaching, another human activity, is resulting in the extinction of certain animal species thus…show more content…
Sustainability is a model that has been developed to ensure that human life is not threatened by continuing depletion of the natural resources. This model has also been adopted in order to ensure that the ecosystem is protected. Sustainability is being promoted in order to ensure that human beings and the environment coexist within certain set restrictions so as to ensure that the ecosystem continues to support life. In addition, this model ensures that humans understand the relationship which manages the balance between their activities on the ecosystem. Through sustainability, human beings will be able to utilize the available natural resources sparingly with the view that future generations are depending on it too (Maria and Luciana 3). Some of the renewable sources of energy are solar, hydropower, biomass and wind. The use of these energy sources ensures that the ecosystem remain self serving and thus able to sustain human life (Diane and Shubhayu 12). The uptake and use of solar energy is yet to be fully utilized because in America, the percentage of people using this energy is minimal. In the United States, solar energy represents almost a half of one percent of the total electricity use, a number that is insignificant (Diane and Shubhayu 12). The human population is yet to realize that solar energy can be used extensively in both heating and lighting. Moreover,
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