Human Advancement Comes From Technology

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Human advancement comes from technology. Technology makes our lives more efficient, productive, and comfortable. But in the early days, technological advances were slow, but as time progressed and as the advances in technology increased, human progress has increased with unprecedented speed. In the past 200 years, humans have advanced more rapidly than the rest of human history combined. However, there is a major problem associated with this rapid advancement, population growth. Human population growth has exponentially grown since the industrial era and the current massive and growing population leaves us with the problem of how to feed the populace. To combat this problem, scientists have created genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. However, ever since GMOs have been patented in 1980, GMOs have come under heavy scrutiny from many parties. Genetically engineering is the modification of an organism’s genetic information through artificial means. Throughout history, farmers have been modifying their crops by selecting the best seeds possible to replant for the future seasons. Thus, this was human control of selective breeding and allowing the best possible genetics to survive. The process of modern GMOs stemmed from the fundaments of heredity discovered by Gregor Mendel and his hybrid peas and flowers. Mendel hypothesized that certain traits came from genes that we now know as DNA and RNA. With the spread of Mendel’s ideas, more farmers selectively bred their crops to…
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