Human And Future Physici Is It Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts?

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The following words by Aristotle, “Whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, resonate deeply with my personality. I believe as human and future physician, one must learn to look at the whole picture of any situation instead of dwelling on certain parts. I have been attracted to the field of osteopathy since the tender age of seven. I grew up in a small town, where there were not a lot of doctors in the area. Whenever I went to visit a doctor there was at least one to two hour wait. While waiting for the doctor, I noticed how people’s facial expression and muscle would slightly relax after visiting the doctor’s office, even if it was for less than five minutes. Even though not all patients received good news, they seemed a bit relaxed after knowing what their next step of treatment will be. As long as I can remember I wanted to be the reason behind someone’s relaxed face or smile by providing everything possible within my power. I want to become an osteopathic physician, because osteopathic doctors take the additional strides toward providing their patients with holistic care. Unlike other health care professionals osteopathic doctors try to obtain the most detailed history, starting from the patient’s birth, sometimes even before that. During the history taking process, the questions being asked by the osteopathic physicians includes inquires regarding both the body and mind. This aspect of health care is very enticing to me. I love how osteopathic physicians

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