Human And Sex Trafficking In The United States

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Human and Sex trafficking in the United States is the newest form of slavery. Traffickers use this form of slavery to help with the illegal act of smuggling drugs and selling people to gain money for sexually acts. Sex trafficking has easily been compared to slavery. People are kidnapped from their homes, schools, and work to become a slave to pleasure people. They are forced to work many jobs as they are to be sold to businesses or owners to work for little to no money. Unlike slavery in the 1600’s, race does not matter. The only thing most would care about is the age or sex of a human. This is never a choice among people to sell themselves unless they do not have a “pimp”, this is force. There are many types of sex trafficking which is very…show more content…
I mainly just picked sex trafficking in the United States because this is a ‘Dear America” presentation. I do acknowledge that this is happening every where in the world and that this is a universal crises, I just wanted to focus on the U.S since a lot of people are not aware that this is still happening here, just like over seas. Since 2016, there has been human trafficking has rose to 35.7 percent according to There was a total of more than 26,000 calls on the trafficking hotline. According to UPI, the National Human Trafficking Hotline stated "Left unchecked, human trafficking will continue to flourish in environments where traffickers can reap substantial monetary gains with relatively low risk of getting caught or losing…show more content…
Sex trafficking is normal in some parts of the world. Even some parents sell their children to traffickers for money. It is not normal in America but it is becoming more popular. The other social concept I chose power. The slaves will have no power what so ever. That is why it is difficult to get out of the situation. The traffickers have all of the power. Status is another concept that I picked because once you become a sex slave, your achieved status is revoked. What ever you gained to be, it is dropped and remove because of the new status the trafficker gives you. The last concept that I picked was conflict theory. Once you are a sex slave, you are the proletarian and the traffickers become the
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