Human And Technological Aspects Of Cyber Threats

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In an age of rapidly expanding data and highly skilled threat actors, technological advancements present the urgent duality of great opportunity and great risk. A universities data is integral to both, and a critical asset that differentiates organizations. While it is impractical to completely ‘lock it down ' and yet it is open, use can threaten the organization 's existence. The challenge for IT team security leaders is striking a delicate balance being security aware and remaining business driven.
The human and technological aspects of cyber threats changed dramatically in the past year. Witnessing new techniques blended with the old, resulting in highly evasive attacks. Recently we have seen big business, corporations, governmental agencies, and banking institutions, which we perceive as very secure, broken into. Vulnerabilities, uncovered by hackers who in turn exploit them in old infrastructure standards and developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) have emerged to present an entirely new set of infrastructure challenges. Hackers continue to develop new methods to breach the security of the institutions they target. These methods are increasingly more sophisticated and difficult to detect with the tools and programs designed to detect attacks and intrusions. In addition, with this increasing amount of threats, new ideas and methods continually develop to prevent further attacks. Among these methods is, security authentication, protection, and…

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