Human Attraction

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A person might think that love is just a feeling for someone else they find attractive, and that it is just that, a feeling. However, there is a scientific reason why that person is attracted to one person, and not another. There are many contributing factors to how we are attracted to each other, three of which are pheromones, major histocompatibility complex(MHC) and genetics. One of the major elements of human attraction is pheromones. Pheromones are biochemical molecules that can take many different forms, such as skunk spray, or pheromones in bees that direct them to flowers, or even sex pheromones. According to Psychology Today, The evaluative sniffing that mammals engage in during courtship were clues that scent is the chemical equivalent…show more content…
What many people do not know, is that our genes help us to find a partner. A team lead by Chris Wedekind at the University of Bern in Switzerland conducted a study to find if MHC variations affect how women, and how they evaluate the aroma. Chris and his team found something interesting; they found that women preferred the scent of men with a much different MHC profile, and the women thought that MHC similar men smelled like their father or brother. Another finding of the team was that the intensity of the smell is also a factor, with some men with stronger scents being rated lower, possibly because it is a common signal of disease. It was also noted that men with unusually sweet smells were often rated low, because it is a common sign of schizophrenia. Overall, our genes are very important for choosing the right mate the first time and making sure that that person is the right one. All in all, pheromones, MHC, and genes all play important parts in finding our true love. They are also important for the survival and health of us and our offspring. However we look at it, love is a potent force that can be more powerful than the drive to stay alive. Some people will do virtually anything for love, will
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