Human Behavior Analysis On Video Surveillance Systems

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Human behavior analysis plays a vital role in video surveillance systems. In this paper review the steps processing for identify human in video comprise video segmentation, motion and object detection, object tracking, object classification, action and activity recognition. A few methods, techniques and approaches are reviewed with pros and cons. Finally, literature review of human behavior analysis is explained. This review gives an overview of human behavior analysis.
Human behavior analysis, video segmentation, object tracking, object classification

Human behavior analysis in video surveillance is an emerging research domain and much research is being done in areas such as image processing [1], artificial intelligence [2], computer vision [3], pattern recognition [ ], social signal processing [5], affective computing [6] and ambient intelligence [7]. Monitoring the images captured by cameras fixed in the surveillance area manually is a tedious task as the activities cannot be monitored continuously. This necessitates the conversion of manual video surveillance to automated video surveillance. Video surveillance system is very important for our day-to-day life and used to monitor traffic systems, overcrowding in public places, natural calamities, remote sensing, and defense [8]. Analyses of the images captured by monitor camera make it possible to detect a human exhibits suspicious behavior. Identifying human in video is a complex task for…
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