Human Behavior Analysis On Video Surveillance Systems

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ABTRACT Human behavior analysis plays a vital role in video surveillance systems. In this paper review the steps processing for identify human in video comprise video segmentation, motion and object detection, object tracking, object classification, action and activity recognition. A few methods, techniques and approaches are reviewed with pros and cons. Finally, literature review of human behavior analysis is explained. This review gives an overview of human behavior analysis. Keywords: Human behavior analysis, video segmentation, object tracking, object classification INTRODUCTION Human behavior analysis in video surveillance is an emerging research domain and much research is being done in areas such as image processing [1],…show more content…
Devices and technologies like Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) camera, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), thermal camera, High Definition (HD) camera and night-vision are widely used in video surveillance to gather information and to observe people, events and activities [10]. At present there is an increased desire and need in automated video surveillance application intended for evaluating human behaviors. Human detection in video is complicated due several factors such as variable appearance of people, camera positions, and wide range of person poses, illumination variation, brightness, backgrounds, contrast level and human occlusions [ ]. Different people perform the same action differently and the same person performs the same action differently at different times. Due to huge diversity of human body size, appearance, shape and human actions to perform automatically recognize actions are very challenging [12]. Steps for processing a video are video segmentation, motion detection, background modeling, foreground segmentation, object classification, motion tracking, activity recognition, and camera handoff and data fusion []. The main objective of this paper is to provide a review of human behavior analysis in video surveillance. The review is not exhaustive, but gives an overview of the major steps involved in human behavior analysis and some of the techniques which are used in these steps. The rest of this
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