Human Behavior And The Environment

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Rural Paper Human behavior and the environment are interconnected, for an instant, we learn behaviors from family, peers and the environment around us. In 1600, English philosopher John Lock stated that the human brain starts out as a blank slate “His ideas that we are all born as a tabula rasa (blank slate) still dominate much social and political thinking today, although they are challenged by some neuropsychologists.” (SMITH, 2003) Albert Bandura concentration was on “social cognitive theory is at the core of his prominence. In this theory, cognition plays a central role in the regulation of and motivation for behavior. Its key concepts include vicarious learning, symbolic thought, outcome expectancies, self-efficacy, self-reflection,…show more content…
Each informant is different from each other, such as behavior, education, beliefs, values, culture, traditions, and age, but the share common social class. Sue Shelton, age 79, retired factory worker currently living in Palestine, Illinois. Sue grew up in Washington State, moved later to Palestine, Illinois to marry Richard Shelton and 4 children, two daughters and two sons in Palestine, IL. Growing up in urban city was too busy and stressful, but her parents have tough Sue to work hard, optimistic, and use effective communication. Sue expressed there was a lack of public transportation, trained healthcare professionals, and poor internet connection. Sue also pointed out living in the rural area is relaxing, quiet and she would never consider moving to the urban area. Chistina Moore, age 26, high school graduate, and working as a Retail Manager in Urban city of Detroit, MI, but enjoys living in the rural community in Michigan. Christina lived in the same community all her life. She lived all her life in rural Michigan and never travel outside Michigan. Her parents stressed to work hard because nothing is free, compassionate, to be optimistic, and not to discriminate. One major life experience, Christina talk about was quite peaceful living in the rural community. Christina’s major issues that she found in her rural community is the lack of mental health care, no internet and lack of health care
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