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Theory in Practice Xiangru Chen Janelle Barker Gibson Human Behavior George Warren Brown School of Social Work Washington University in St. Louis Introduction Theory keeps being the guideline and explanation of human behaviors that have been observed in social practice, while it is also utilized by social workers to develop interventions (Sherr, 2007). It consists of concepts that can be combined together to explain phenomenon and even predict human behaviors or other events, in which way, certain hypothesis or assumptions will be validated (Rogers, 2013). Social workers who follow the theory to analyze human interactions in real world benefit from the systematic structure behind the phenomenon and become not satisfied with staying on…show more content…
In 2012, she began to work as school based social worker in Renaissance College, dealing with more than 100 cases until now. Founded in 1936, The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong began with serving street children with informal schooling. Along with the changes and development in society, the mission of this organization has also been changed to the promotion of well beings of children and youth. It aims to help children and adolescents obtain balanced development, foster children and youth to be contributing citizens, enhance the strength of family functioning, and promote the concern and awareness of parents and the public for the welfare of children and youth, striving for the rights which they are entitled. When Yao worked in school service department, she had her office in Renaissance College Hong Kong located in Ma On Shan. Renaissance College Hong Kong is a famous private international school, certificated by International Baccalaureate Organization, providing primary years program, middle years program, and diploma program to all students. In the secondary school section, students’ age varies from 11 to 18. This school sets a rigorous and holistic curriculums to help students strive excellence with 90% of teacher are foreigners. In this school, Yao encouraged students grasp the opportunity to study and attain
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