Human Behavior Simulation For Complex Scenarios Involving Coalition Operations

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Modeling and simulation as a body of knowledge provide a basis to build and execute approximations of a real world system. Being termed as an efficient decision support system, modeling and simulation is able to understand and provide better solutions to the problems in various domains. It is also capable to predict and plan the future, mitigate risks, enhance the system performance and so on. Primarily, this modeling and simulation has emerged beyond manual methods of construction and execution of models to computer based tools. Besides this, most of the ecological economics depend on the human behavior. The aim of this paper is to improve the human behavior simulation with the help of research ideas from psychology to influence various aspects of system design. The accurate simulation of human behavior is applicable in different areas such as films, architecture, gaming and so on. The human behavior models are strongly dependent on scenario evolution and decisions. This paper also focuses in developing a scenario and realistic case study to be applied in the human behavior simulation for complex scenarios involving coalition operations. To accomplish this purpose it the intelligent agents are used for initiating interactions among local population, groups, forces. The presented modeling approach considers the complex interactions among many variables and resulting effects of the decisions. The Modeling and Simulation is a consolidated technique for addressing complex

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