Human Behavior and Activities Responsible for Global Climatic Changes

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RUNNING HEAD: Global Climatic Changes Global Climatic Changes Student Name University Name Abstract This paper analyses the human activities that lead towards global climatic changes. It establishes the thought that human behavior and activities that are the major cause of global climatic changes, therefore, human beings shall alter their lifestyles in order to put a stop at the global climatic changes. Global Climatic Changes Introduction Global climatic change can be defined as a long term shift in the overall and average climatic conditions. It is quite evident from various statistics that there has been a significant change in the global climate. The end of the 20th and the 21st century have witnessed some of the warmest periods of the globe. The temperature recorded during this period was reported to be highest when compared with the instrumental temperature records. The evident shifts in the Global climate started in the mid of the 19th century and after that the global climate kept on getting worse with the passage of time. (Unknown, 2007) Human behavior and activities trigger climatic changes in a significant manner. These activities cause the climate of the globe to change by altering the energy balance of the earth. The major threat to the global climate is the burning of fossil fuels. These fuels, when burnt, produce Carbon dioxide and other green house gases and aerosols which are great threats to the atmosphere. These gases alter the solar radiations,
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