Human Behavior and the Environment Essays

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Human Behavior and the Environment Sabrina Hartman PSY/460 May 27, 2013 Dr. Michael Mckellip Human Behavior and the Environment Within this paper, we will discuss how environmental cues shape behavior. We will also look at how behavior can be modified to support sustainability, as well as how this can limit a negative impact on the environment. Then we will describe how social norms influence behavior and beliefs about the environment. Finally, we will identify two possible solutions that could successfully change behavior and habits in order to lessen negative environment impact. Let us begin with how environmental cues shape our behavior. How Environmental Cues Shape Behavior An…show more content…
Another behavior that can be adopted to support sustainability is to grow your own food. The more people who grow their own crops instead of buying from companies like Monsanto, the less money these companies will make. If they do not make any money, then they cannot produce their products. This may seem like a bad idea, until you realize what their product actually is. Yes, they produce food. However, this food has been genetically modified and covered in pesticides. These pesticides are causing all sort of horrible problems with our eco system, as well as wreaking havoc on our health. How can these modifications limit the negative impact to the environment that we are currently having? These new behaviors that you can adopt into your lifestyle will help your fellow man, and will creating a longer lasting system than what we have now. Some of the habits we have right now are depleting our non-renewable resources, and just as the name implies, these resources cannot be gotten back once they are used. Social Norms Social norms have a huge impact on behavior, normally dictating what that behavior might be. It has now becoming more and more acceptable to be wasteful and not care about our environment. In the early 1990’s there was lots of propaganda about saving the planet and helping the environment. Now, it seems that everyone has forgotten all about that in favor of their new toys, like the iPhone. It usually depends on what your
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