Human Behavior in Organization

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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL MALOLOS CITY, BULACAN A Concept Paper Submitted To DANILO D. FAUSTINO, Ed.D. Professor In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in the Course/Subject HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATION Submitted by: SHEILLA P. DIEZ MAE – Educational Management There are several ways to define leadership. Experts have tried to define leadership using several aspects. A process that influences other people to achieve an objective and guides the organization in a way to make it more coherent and cohesive is called leadership. We can also define leadership as a process of leading people in the right direction in order to achieve goals. This gives me an…show more content…
The resource allocator decides who will get what—how resources in the organization will be distributed among various individuals and groups. The negotiator represents the organization in reaching agreements with other organizations, such as contracts between management and labor unions. Again, behavioral processes are clearly crucial in each of these decisional roles. As for the decision-making process, Ma’am Divine is a good decision-maker. She always makes sure she balanced everything about the certain issue to be acted upon. She avoids being biased and observes fairness and transparency. Actually, she build the grievance committee in our school with teachers being the members for us to have a procedure in acting and deciding for certain issues and problems related in school matters. Still another important element of leadership and managerial work is the set of skills necessary to carry out basic functions and fill fundamental roles. In general, most successful leaders and managers have a strong combination of technical, interpersonal, conceptual, and diagnostic skills. Technical skills are those skills necessary to accomplish specific tasks within the organization. Assembling a computer, developing a new formula for a frozen food additive, and writing a press release each require technical skills. Hence, these skills are generally associated with the operations employed by the organization in its production processes.
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