Human Behaviour in the Social Environment

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Introduction The article’s main social concern is to examine prevention and intervention methods and their subsequent impact on family poverty and children’s mental, emotional and behavioral health. As a conceptual framework, Yoshikawa, Aber and Beardslee (2012), tackle four aspects of poverty, the family and child as the main subjects or selection factors, the multidimensional nature of poverty, the mechanisms through which poverty effects children on an individual, relational and institutional level, and the multidimensionality of children’s outcomes. The authors used two types of interventions. The first set of interventions were advanced by experts in child and family development, targeting the mediating mechanisms such as…show more content…
Therefore, our analysis will focus on the child, as the person-in-environment, and the various systems around him/her. The microsystem, which contains the child’s most immediate environment (Greene, 1999), includes the family, school, peers and youth programs; each functioning simultaneously as an independent whole, and as a part of a larger system (Zaastrow & Kirst-Ashmas, 2009). Mesosystem, consists of processes occurring between the child’s distinctive microsystems (Greene, 1999). Exosystem involves processes occurring between two or more systems, one of which is not directly linked to the developing person (Greene, 1999). Yoshikawa, Aber and Beardslee (2012), explain how poverty is a family affair; the parents’ resources directly determine children’s access to resources and their social standing. As mentioned in Yoshikawa et.,al (2012), lack of proper resources limits the family’s ability to purchase goods, schooling, food, and housing, and provide a safe environment for necessary development. The linkage between family and school is an example of a mesosystem. Moreover unstable work, an exosystem component, leads to depressed parental mood and marital conflict, the consequences of which are higher levels of behavioral problems in children, parenting stress and a lack of effective caregiving (Yoshikawa et., al, 2012). A further illustration of an exosystem: lack of parental employment contributes to poverty and results in a negative
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