Human Behaviour & the Interior Environment

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I. Summary Interior design provides answers that are both functional and attractive and enhance the quality of life. Interior design reflects and interacts with the cultural background and traditional heritage of the occupants. The design process itself runs through a systematic and interactive methodology to create an innovative and functional design solution whereby the needs and resources of the occupants are satisfied. To achieve a well designed environment many elements contribute together thus innovating the overall theme like color, light, texture, etc. Interior design provides solutions for residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, office and hospitality projects consequently affecting our daily way of living. Interior…show more content…
Noise Noise is also a significant factor and indeed is a type of pollution which can negatively effect how we feel. The constant drone of a computer or other machinery, electrical buzzing from refrigerators or lights, traffic noise in the street outside, workmen nearby and so on, can increase the amount of stress that the occupants feel and would do little to evoke feelings of wellbeing in any room. Colour A great deal of research has been conducted into the effect of colour, too much to go into here. On a very basic level, red is intense and attracts attention; it is also associated with passion. Blue is more relaxing and can evoke feelings of trust and reliability so is often used in business settings. Green is linked with nature and is easy on the eye as opposed to yellow which can strain the eye but at the same time can increase concentration. Paler colours are more likely to enhance the perception of space in a room. The secret is to go for the colour that is perfectly in tune with how it makes you feel in any particular room, you are the final judge. Smell Pleasant aromas can enhance the perceived beauty of a room and at the same time unpleasant smells can spoil an otherwise perfect space. This is something that estate agents well know when it comes to selling a property. The smell of fresh coffee and newly baked bread can make a home feel more inviting whereas strong and pungent food odours do the opposite.
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