Human Beings Are Obsessed With Time. Compared To Other

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Human beings are obsessed with time. Compared to other species, like giant sequoias which can live to thousands of years old, our time on the Earth is short. This causes us to construct a system of time to better guide and manage our lives. Timothy the tortoise rejects this idea. Due to her lengthened reptile lifespan, Timothy has no concept of time. Due to her time with humans she sometimes adopts their measurements to tell her story, but she is shown to prefer her own existential outlook on life. Timothy is able to retain her status of a wild animal by using nature as a means to measuring life rather than a numerical format. Timothy expresses her measure of time when recalling the quality of seasons of the past. In recalling her first…show more content…
Timothy believes that insects, creatures that we perceive to be unintelligent, have a better understanding of the world than the supposedly most advanced species on Earth, human beings. She finds the idea of constructing meaning, and even life itself, around numbers absolutely pointless. One event in Timothy’s life in which she criticizes time happens when she is weighed. She tells us that “I weigh six pounds thirteen ounces on the 7th of August 1775” (Klinkenborg 80). The entire statement has no meaning to Timothy. Her weight and the date that weight was taken does not affect her life in a single nor White’s life in a single way. Timothy believes the human’s time good be better spent partaking in activities Timothy believes there is no point in recording that date because she will greatly outlive the humans making this knowledge worthless. One reason for Timothy’s existential viewpoint of time may be her physiology. Since she is a tortoise she cannot travel as quickly as humans. When she is recaptured after escaping White’s garden she comments, “My week gone in two-score of their strides” (Klinkenborg 6). Timothy’s escape from the garden was a great feat, yet it was easily undone in a few seconds. Due to Timothy’s inability to move quickly, and lengthened lifespan, time is impractical for her. The slow nature of her life has allowed her to understand her life as a series of causes and effects. Timothy and human beings are
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