Human Beings Use Self Serving Bias

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This paper will discuss how we as human beings use self-serving bias within our daily lives, and explain why we tend to identify, or focus on our successes, and refuse to acknowledge or own up to our failures. The question here is why do we as individuals tend to avoid, blame, or ignore the inadequacies within our lives. Many researchers “believed that our emotions played a role in self-serving bias”, and many studies were conducted to “determine how emotions, judgement, and attributions”, can strongly influence us into self-serving bias. Attribution bias is a part of self-serving bias, and leads “people to make more stable, internal, and global attributions” when it comes to the positive things in their lives, rather than the negative things he or she may encounter throughout his or her life. So we will examine, analyze, validate, and link the two research studies chosen on this concept, and provide examples of how we as individuals use self-serving, and attribution bias daily, and that both intertwine with one another. After reading this paper we will be aware of how often we tend to use this concept without even realizing we do it, and hopefully gain insight on how to improve ourselves when it comes handling failure. Self-Serving Bias and Its Role In Our Emotions, Judgement, and Attribution As adults living within society we seek the acceptance of others. We “tend to act a certain way to portray an image that gains the approval of others”. No one wants to admit to their
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