Human Blueprint: Thoughts on Genetic Modification Essay examples

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Humans have strived for improvement in every facet of their lives, all the way from technology down to their diet. In this current day and age, humans are now capable of gene manipulation in their children, meaning mankind is taking a great step in familial modification. Yet even with our advancements in the medical field, we still fall to the ills of cancer, Alzheimer’s, or anything else on the laundry list of genetic disorders. With such opportunity to better improve our children, what mother or father would not wish to “give their child the best chance of living a happy and successful life?” (Fox, D. American Journal of Law and Medicine, 567) The first thing we can do with genetic modification is remove the genes that, when…show more content…
By choosing genetic combinations expressing a mixture of overall better health, children of the future will grow up to be happy and healthy. Such blueprints can then be passed on to their children, who will continue the process. Parents can rest assured their child will come into the world without any surprises such as red hair in a brown haired family, or an extra pair of toes. For those who believe such a program is unattainable due to financial reasons should consider the program to be run by a government organization through the state or federal government. Such polarization of our biological makeup has no physical prrof that it could create a sect between the enhanced and non-enhanced (Fox, D. American Journal of Law and Medicine, 572). In fact, such a breakthrough in modern science would also be advocated alongside planned pregnancy, allowing doctors to recommend and support families seeking to improve their future children. These parents to be are left with “the genetic constitution of the offspring for themselves,” (Fox, D. American Journal of Law and Medicine, 569). With the benefits offered with such modification of DNA, our future children will pass on their desired genetic traits to their offspring, allowing for greater adult longevity. With the more positive genetic traits being expressed, fewer people will fall to natural causes such as heart attacks
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