Human Body Systems Career Journal

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Human Body Systems Career Journal 2015-2016 Entry #1 Activity: 1.2.3 Bone Detectives Description: Forensic Anthropologists helps to study the skeletal systems of people to determine the sex, ethnicity, and distinct characteristics of the dead skeleton they are studying. Definition for Forensic Anthropologist: As a Forensic Anthropologist you will be working with and investigating disease people. You will study the entire body as well as the skeletal structure and be able to get specifics as to who the body you are investigating belongs to and be able to differentiate the sexes and ethnicities though the dead body. You will need a Bachelor’s in anthropology or a higher degree in that area. They primarily work in universities or at forensic labs. They would help in the categorization of deceased bodies and determining who the body or skeletal system belongs to. They assist in cases where you need to find out who someone is for detective cases. Entry #2 Activity: 1.3.2 Careers in Identify Definition DNA Analyst DNA Analyst Interview Q1. What college education do you need to meet the requirements to become a DNA analyst? A1. I needed a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology genetics forensic sciences but it is helpful to have some knowledge of laboratory procedures. Q2. What are some duties you have on a daily basis? A2. I spend most of my time cataloging and analyzing DNA for evidence. I am sometimes called to court to tell what I have discovered. I must maintain my
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