Human Body Video Analysis

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There are areas in our human bodies that control who we fundamentally are as individuals whether we are male or female. There are various important chemicals that control our passions, behaviors, appetite and growth. However, the way we think, process certain situations, or feel can be considered masculine or feminine depending on if our brain is controlled biologically or socially/societally. The two videos that I watched gave fascinating overviews of how these two main aspects of our bodies work individually and how they can be lined together through biological and environmental effects.
When looking at the physiological aspect out our bodies there are many components that work together so that our bodies can respond developmentally and
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For example, having thyroid deficiency, producing too much growth hormone, or not producing enough insulin. The way to treat thyroid deficiency and lack of insulin was through hormones themselves, now that is quite genius. Well in the 1890’s there was a scientist who sought to help people with myxedema by thyroid transplantation from an animal. Yet, the transplanted thyroid lasted for a limited amount of time to give the body the needed hormones. However, another scientist figured making a juice out of the gland and injected it to a needed child that lacked the thyroid hormones when injecting the so called “pink juice” twice a day the child began to recuperate and become healthy. Insulin treatment is the same way where the pancreas needs help producing insulin to break down glucose and convert it into…show more content…
Nonetheless, there are also environmental factors, or so-called social factors. What drew my attention the most is that it is not genuinely known what makes such distinction between men and women, nature or nurture. Where nurture takes on a huge role that kind of teaches individuals through life experiences. The video indicated that most of the neural connections were seen during adulthood. In a way children start to make connections by watching others and mimicking the same act and as they grow older they start making life decisions based on learned experiences. In a way these experiences help guide the individual on how they think when solving a problem or
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