Human Capital Goal

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Human capital is an important aspect of an individual's life that are affected by their education, training, and health. In order to optimize my human capital, I plan on continuing my education and pursuing a chemistry degree or taking part in a pharmacy program to be able to receive my Pharm. D. In order to accomplish this goal, I am interested in the pharmaceutical program offered by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. The program that they offer would allow me to receive my pharmacy degree in six years and be guaranteed a job shortly after graduating. Another option would be to attend a school that focused primarily on pharmaceuticals such as the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and health sciences. Throughout my schooling, I would like to shadow or intern for a professional in the field so I am able to better understand the qualities and aspects that pharmacists have to be equipped with. I can…show more content…
I also play sports such as softball and because of this, I love to use teamwork to achieve goals, while also keeping in mind that some tasks are better done by yourself. Due to the fact that I play sports, I am able to appreciate the productivity of teamwork and the great effects of them. Another interest of mine is helping others who are in need; no matter how small or big the task is helping individuals' benefits not only them but me, as well. For instance, I volunteer at Community Hospice Thrift Shop, helping individuals find the items they need and organizing the shop truly make me happy. I can use the skills that I am equipped with to make myself marketable because my talents and interests make me a versatile person; meaning I can work in groups or on my own, I am focused and dedicated to the objectives that need to be done, and I do things that not only promote self-interest but social interest,
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