Human Capital Management ( Hcm ) Essay

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Today, Human Capital Management (HCM) is much more than managing payroll, benefits, and other administrative aspects of the business. It is a department responsible for taking the lead in identifying the needs of an organization by aligning employee behavior with the culture and strategies defined by leadership. To further explain the meaning of HCM, this paper will be broken down into three sections. Section 1: Will provide a theoretical component overview of key ideas assimilated from six Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles. Section 2: The experiential component involves interviewing employees, managers, and Human Resource (HR) professionals about their experiences related to HCM. Section 3: Will cover the action component formulating three HCM practices that could positively contribute to high performance in the workplace. To lend an external perspective of managing human capital, the theoretical component will be used to explain, “stretch ideas” for ways to improve current HCM practices. The first HBR article “Maximizing Your Return on People” is an assessment of how well organizations are investing in their employees. If companies fail to see employees as long-term assets, the small investment employers provide will only threaten the future success of the business. The approach is to rethink the delivery of HCM. Similar to other parts of the business, being innovative is the best defense for keeping key employees. Typical measurements of HR departments are
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