Human Characteristics In Canada

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While Canada and the US are very close in location, this does not always mean that the human and physical characteristics will be similar. For instance, Canada has a colder climate due to the location while the US has a larger population. In terms of the economy, both the US and Canada have a strong one partially due to NAFTA, which has also caused much unsettlement for both countries while also showing signs of development. Canada and the US share many physical features such as natural resources, lakes and mountains, but the most noticeable of these would be the climate. Canada, unlike the US which contains a humid subtropical climate, has a subarctic or colder climate due to their location farther from the equator and closer to the poles.…show more content…
Unlike the US, Canada has a small population from the cold climate, but they both have a low birth and death rate. The US birth rate is only 12.5 births/1000 people while Canada has 10.3 births/1000 people, slightly lower because of the smaller population and overall low because there are more women working and they have less time for children. Regarding death rate and infant mortality rate, the US having 8.2 deaths/1000 people and Canada having 8.7 deaths/1000 people and both having very low infant mortality rates, this shows that the two countries are developed in terms of births and deaths because of the advanced technology in medications allowing there to be longer life expectancies. In conclusion, Canada and the US are very similar and very different in their own ways. The two have both proven that they are developed through the structure of their physical characteristics, economy, and demography. While Canada has a colder climate than the US and the US has a larger population, they both dislike the effect NAFTA has had on their countries. Overall by looking at various physical and human characteristics, it is clear that Canada and the US are developed
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