Human Cloning Is Not Your Twin

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Imagine walking down the street and seeing someone who looks exactly like you. Sam hair, same eyes same everything. So now you start to question yourself, Is that my brother or is that my sister am I twin. That would be cool right. Now you are planning out all the fun things you guys are going to do. But sorry to burst your bubble but no you do not have an identical twin. So the question is what is it, because this thing that is standing in front of me looks exactly like me. By now you are all saying am crazy because if am going to say that someone who looks exactly like you is not your twin then am crazy. But yes it is not your twin. So my topic today is not about identical twin my topic today is Human cloning.
Now I know that all of you know and have seen identical twins. And at some point you all wonder what would it be like to have a twin, what would it be like to have someone look exactly like you? Now with scientist experiment and finding new results in cloning how long will it be before they clone a human. I want to ask you guy will there be another you?
I have been fascinated with human biology for as long as I can remember. Being in the nursing field is so interesting. Learning about the human body is just amazing. Scientists have been experimenting on human cloning for a while now. I have read articles on the topic for example the article Human cloning and the myth of disenchantment by Laurentiu Staicu discusses the arguments the came about from the birth of
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