Human Cloning Persuasive Essay

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Human cloning has the potential to cure cancer, replace organs, eliminate infertility, and significantly increase recovery time for patients who have experienced traumatic events. Despite all these groundbreaking benefits, human cloning has not been applied to the medical world. Human cloning has failed to be accepted, because of the ethical issues it presents. Human cloning brings up the issue of religion and whether or not it is allowed throughout different practices. It asks questions such as, do clones have souls, is cloning equivalent to immortality, will it be costly, is it guaranteed to produce results. While the benefits of human cloning are revolutionary, the side-effects can be damaging.
While human cloning can be a very broad topic, it is easy to separate it into two groups: therapeutic human cloning, and reproductive human cloning. Reproductive human cloning is most common of the two. Everyone’s mind immediately goes to Dolly the sheep. In 1996, Dolly became the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell (Pros). After the cloning of Dolly, cloning humans was the next logical step. The basic process of reproductive cloning for animals and humans is essentially the same. It begins with extracting the subjects DNA
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The positive effects of human cloning could change the world of medicine, but human cloning is not yet guaranteed. One of the major issues with therapeutic cloning, and reproductive cloning for that matter, is the cost. It could be too expensive for the average man to pay for cloning his heart or curing his daughter’s leukemia. While cost is extremely important, the quality of cloning must be excellent. Scientists and researchers must perfect cloning before actually using it on patients. There is a lot of room for
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