Human Cloning Should be Condemned Essays

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Human Cloning Should be Condemned

On November 25, 2001, the news that a firm called Advanced Cell Technology had created human embryos by cloning added new urgency to Congress's and the nation's deliberations on this issue.

This past summer, by a 265-to-162 margin, the House of Representatives passed a carefully worded ban on human cloning (H.R. 2505) which President Bush has said he will sign into law. The leadership of the Senate nonetheless has refused to take action on this measure, or even to consider a temporary moratorium on human cloning research. Further delay will only encourage some researchers to take further irresponsible steps toward the laboratory manufacture and destruction of human life. Such
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When cloning is done to pursue medical research, the reduction of human life to a mere instrument is even more complete, for a new human being is created solely to be destroyed for his or her cells and tissues. Even if medical benefits could be derived from such destruction, it is never morally permissible to achieve good ends through evil actions.

Neither practice should be allowed in a society that claims to respect inherent human dignity. As a representative of the Holy See recently stated to a committee of the United Nations General Assembly: "The act of cloning... is actually a form of imposing dominion over another human being which denies the human dignity of the child and makes him or her a slave to the will of others" (31 Origins, December 6, 2001, p. 439).

Evasions and misstatements have entered the public debate to obscure this moral issue. At a recent Senate hearing, even the scientists who published articles about their success in "cloning human embryos" tried to avoid the word "embryo" and even the word "cloning" to hide the reality of what they are doing. The fact remains that when somatic cell nuclear transfer is used to initiate embryonic development, a new human embryo is created with the same genetic constitution as another human being. While some may wish to debate the moral status of this new human

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