Human Cloning is an Ethical Nightmare Essay examples

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Technology today is growing at an alarming rate. Things that seemed impossible only a few years ago are now a reality, and some far fetched things such as time travel, that are present in today's science fiction movies, might possibly become reality soon as well. One prevalent idea that seemed impossible a few years ago but that is now a reality is the idea of human cloning. The fantasy that some people had about having clones of themselves or of animals a few years ago is not a fantasy anymore; it is a reality. With the recent cloning of a sheep named Dolly by scientists in Scotland, the powers of cloning are becoming more prevalent. As daunting as this may seem, the human race must now face all the issues related to human cloning,…show more content…
Gene and cellular cloning are realities in today's world, but the concept of whole-organism cloning has not yet been implemented. Shannon goes on to say, "Gene and cell cloning are well established, standard biotechnical research methods and must be distinguished and discussed separately from organism cloning" (10). Cloning is not that complicated of an issue as the media has made it out to be. It is, in reality, a simple process that can be understood once its intricacies are sorted out.

Although the majority of arguments for human cloning come from the medical world, many secular ones arise in the debate as well. "Nancy Murphy of the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena said she hoped that ethicists, `Would concentrate their efforts on saying what we should do with this [cloning], rather then saying it shouldn't be done, because people have rightly said it can't be prevented.'" (Garvey 6). Along the lines of Murphy's thought on the issue, Shapiro provides his insights:

Time is an ally, allowing for the accrual of further data from animal experiments, an assessment of the prospective safety and efficiency of the procedure in humans, and a period of fuller national debate on ethical and social concerns. If cloning is to be implemented sometime in the near future, all these issues must be
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