Human Cognition In The Hosts

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WestWorld’s portrayal of artificial intelligence draws both similarities and differences to true human cognition. Within the world of the show, Hosts are controlled via a tablet and are programed to attend to Newcomer’s fantasies. While the Newcomers can do whatever they like to the Host, the Hosts literally cannot hurt the Newcomers. The Hosts operate without knowledge of what they are, aka not human. However, in many aspects they function similarly to human cognition.
The components of cognition that Humans and Host can in common are all functions that shape how they interpret the world and the world interprets them. The declarative memory component of Long-Term memory operates very similarly to human memory. The components of a Host’s
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They have no free will, no sense of self preservation, both of which are keystones of humanity. These Host characteristics come from the strictly controlled nature of their intentions to act. With Humans, intentions to act are made only briefly before the action occurs, six seconds to be exact (Perilloux, 1/25/17). Whereas with Hosts, actions are built in, such as Hosts inability to harm Newcomers (WestWorld #1), and specifically formulated to play into storylines written by programmers. This gives Hosts themselves have no control of their own actions or the intentions behind them. We see Maeve confronted with this lack of free will when Bernard shows her her own programming, and we see that every last action that she thought was of her own doing was actually scripted out, down to the last word (WestWorld #10). In Humans, memory errors can occur through, decay, interference, and retrieval failure (Perilloux, 3/1/17). Though these errors can happen due to the passage of time or the weakening of pathway strength, they are not purposeful. However for Host, memory errors are less errors and more specific erasing in order to reset a storyline. They are a result of deliberate interference. We see this repeated use of controlled memory errors, or wiping of the Hosts in the repeated scenes of characters waking up in their beds and starting a new day (WestWorld #1). This departure from human cognition ties back into the overall difference of a lack of control over their own actions, and brain
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